Spring is a time for creative blooming. All winter long we harbor our creative energy inside, and now it’s time to see what's been brewing. This workshop will give you the tools to release your creativity and create a daily art-making practice. We will explore our own creative processes using watercolor and collage. In each workshop you can expect to gain fine art skills while learning simple exercises that can help build a sustainable daily practice.

Workshop Dates:
Thursday April 11, 18, 25: 6:00-7:30pm

This is workshop is run as a three part series, so that we have time to build on the skills we learn each class. This class is capped at 20 people, so please sign up in advance.

What to bring to class:

-(1) 11x14’ 140 lb. watercolor paper pad (any brand will do!)
-(1) set of watercolor pan paints (Sakura is one of my favorite affordable brands)
-(1) set mixed watercolor brushes (Winsor & Newton Cotman makes good sets)

I will have extras and many supplementary materials for us to use, the above materials will be helpful for us in class and for you on your own.

Who is this class for?

This is a class for adults of all experience levels and abilities. You do not need to identify as an artist to participate. We will work with techniques that make art accessible, regardless of your prior knowledge.

About the teacher:

Sharon Leshner is a Philadelphia based artist and facilitator. Her background in exhibition design and community organizing has lead her to create artwork that is communicable to people across ages and backgrounds. She started her career at Center for Architecture and Design as the organizer of the DesignPhiladelphia Festival, and later traveled throughout Asia painting murals. Central to Sharon’s artistic approach is a connection to community, and an obligation to ask: how can this art catalyze participation?

Sharon’s creative process is grounded in the rhythms of nature. She begins with organic forms, whether it be the branching of wet ink onto watercolor paper, the intuitive contour of a plant, or the nuanced curves of the human figure. Through the layering of organic shapes and vibrant colors Sharon transports her audience into different worlds.

Sharon believes that creativity is within all people, though we may just need some help from our community to access it. Her art aims to fill that void, and create moments where people are moved to creatively think, feel, reflect, and make art. Learn more about Sharon at www.sharonacolor.com


Contact Sharon at sharonacolor@gmail.com