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How does the city spend our money?

Learn the basics of municipal finance, and how to find valuable information on the federal muni finance database to support activism and organizing.

Every taxpayer is responsible for a portion of our public debt. From the city to the state, from the school district to utilities, municipal debt finances almost everything: road construction, water pipes, stadiums, hospitals, retirement homes, public and charter schools, and more.

Public entities are required to disclose a lot of information to investors, and conveniently they file that information in one place — the Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) database, which can be a treasure trove for power researchers who are seeking information to support organizing and activism.

At our free municipal finance training, we’ll learn:
-What muni bonds are and how the muni market works
-What agencies issue debt in Philadelphia, and how much debt Philadelphia has
-How to read documents such as budgets, financial statements, and bond documents
-How to glean valuable information from bond offering statements and other disclosures

This will be a hands-on workshop packed with information, so bring a laptop, and please register on the EMMA website before you arrive so we don’t have to spend time waiting for everyone to create a login.

Go to emma.msrb.org and click on “My EMMA” in the top right corner, then click “Sign Up.”

This training will be led by Ada Kase, a financial journalist on the muni beat at Acuris, which provides intelligence to investors and financial professionals.

Register at https://goo.gl/forms/kRN4TagEPZK2IMvy1.

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